Monday, June 2, 2008

Eleanor Mondale Pleased to Have Air Again

Eleanor Mondale returned to the air today. She'd been on leave since late February when doctors discovered tumors in her brain. It's Mondale's second fight with brain cancer.

Minutes before Mondale and her colleague Susie Jones were reunited on air, Mondale held up her new t-shirt. The black shirt said simply, "I'm not dead yet."

"From Susie, my co-host, isn't that funny?" explained Mondale. "As long as the ink stays on the t-shirt, I think I'll be healthy."

Monday morning, Mondale thanked listeners for their kind notes during her medical leave. She also talked with her Mayo Clinic oncologist on the air.
We're happy to hear that Mondale is back in the booth. We do find it strange, however, that she'd talk to her doctor while on the air. We hope the doctor screamed "Baba Booey" on air and quickly hung up.


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