Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dole Addresses Die-Hard Supporters

Planning a nice extended weekend with your family? Table's set, food's coming out of the oven, family members gathering around the table to sit down for the annual feast. Before passing your great aunt Millie the mashed potatoes she requested, be sure to heed Bob Dole's advice:

Thirty percent of Kansans 65 years and older live alone. Family members often are asked to make decisions on behalf of loved ones who have become seriously ill without having a complete understanding of their preferences.

In order to avoid this situation, older adults -- all of us, actually -- should discuss our end-of-life wishes with family members and health care providers well before the onset of serious illness.

As our families come together for the holidays, it is a good time to tell our family members what our wishes are. Having these conversations is the best way to protect our independence and our quality of life at the end of life.
Only then can you really say that your grandmother's stuffing is to die for.


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