Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Legend of Shirley Temple: Black Broken Arm

We wanted to celebrate with Shirley Temple today. Instead, she's stuck at home on her 80th birthday nursing her most recent wounds. No, it's not a result of her childhood stardom bursting unexpectedly on her.

"I broke my arm last week at my house, it hurts quite a bit," she told Reuters on Tuesday. In recent years, Black has lived quietly in Woodside, California, an upscale town in Silicon Valley south of San Francisco.

"I'm spending my birthday quietly at home," Black said, adding that her broken arm limited her ability to receive visitors. "People should turn on the lights when they are walking around in the dark," she joked.

It sounds to us like Shirley Temple took her married name - Black - a bit too literally. It's supposed to be a slow fade to black, not a walk in the dark.


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