Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trust in Papa Ray Charles' Money

Financial management and family members are battling for money left in trusts by singer Ray Charles before his death in 2004.

Several of Charles' 12 children have accused executive Joe Adams of not only hindering the "Georgia on My Mind" star's estate bestowal, but damaging their father's reputation, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

"The biggest issue with me is disrespect for the family and kids," said the Rev. Robert Robinson, who is one of Charles' sons. "If you respect a man and his work, then you respect his kids. His blood is flowing through our veins."
The family thinks that Adams took advantage of Charles' name when he released two Charles albums after the singer died. They also say that he reallocated some of the money that Charles left in trusts, profitting from the late singer.

Charles probably had no clue that he'd be leaving this mess around for others to sort through.

[United Press International]

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