Thursday, April 24, 2008

Peter Falk Found Acting Erratic on Street Scene

Erratic. That's one way to describe Peter Falk's behavior on the street the other day. It's led some to wonder about the state of the actor's health.

The 80-year-old former Columbo star looked dazed and confused as he walked near his Beverly Hills home on Tuesday afternoon. The two-time Oscar nominee was spotted waving his arms in the air and muttering to himself. He looked almost as dishevelled as the famous character he played in the 1970s detective programme.

Another passer-by, who refused to be named, said the star looked to be disorientated. Someone eventually called police, but when officers arrived on the scene Falk convinced them that he didn't need help.

Falk is used to playing the absent-minded role, from his days starring as Lt. Columbo. We're confident that when the police arrived to the scene that Falk took over the investigation immediately. What we want to know is whether he took himself in for questioning.

[Sunday Mail]

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