Friday, April 25, 2008

Paul Harvey Keeps His Airwaves Open and Alive

Video may have killed the radio star, but one radio star is coming back this week after overcoming recent health issues.

Paul Harvey will be back on the radio Monday, with his daily "Rest of the Story" features. The ABC Radio Networks legend has been off the air dealing with health issues since February 29. He'll also begin voicing commercials again on Monday.

"We're certainly pleased to welcome Paul back to the air as he eases himself back into the saddles," said ABC Radio Networks SVP/Programming John McConnell. "Our affiliates and advertisers have been anxiously awaiting his return, as have the millions of Paul Harvey fans across the country. We look forward to his continued progress."
Harvey is one of the few remaining active radio personalities who is older than the medium itself. Just imagine if Harvey had decided to be a professional wheel.



Anonymous said...

Paul Harvey Sr. seems to be fitting the pattern of 90 something or near 90 celebrities who make token public appearances and pictures, hospitalized for undisclosed ailments with deceptively optomistic press releases from the family regarding health. The culmination of this pattern is usually just a quiet
death one day followed by a press release (i.e. Gerald Ford, Lady Bird Johnson).

Anonymous said...

He's been dead for over 2 weeks! Has the author of this blog died as well?