Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tyrone Jones, A Few Yards Closer to the End Zone

It seems like only one week ago, when someone on BestDeathPoolEver was causally observing about Tyrone Jones:

“I don't see how this could be worse.”
Well then, someone on BestDeathPoolEver, I think you have poor predictive powers. No. Allow me to restate: I think you have very poor predictive powers. You are like Miss Cleo and Tyrone Jones is Missouri. Why?

Because it’s worse.

Jones has been sleeping in his hospital bed round the clock while the tumor in his brain is spreading its toxic infection:

"He's on heavy morphine," said Darla Gerbrandt, the Winnipeg cancer survivor who befriended Jones during his last visit to the city where he played eight seasons with the CFL Blue Bombers. "I spoke to his sister and he's just resting. He's been non-responsive to them."
Jones remains in the Sunbridge Care and Rehabilitation Center, proving the old adage: “The only thing worse than living in Canada is dying in Canada.”

[Globe and Mail]

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