Monday, April 7, 2008

Standing Pat, Burns Returns to the Bench

Pat Burns was forced to step aside from hockey four years ago when he began a new kind of fight: Against colon cancer. Now that Burns is So healthy again, Coach Ken Hitchcock has selected him as one of three assistants on the Canadian staff for next month's IIHF World Hockey Championship.

He's gone through his share of ups and downs since being diagnosed with cancer but is not the type of guy to feel sorry for himself.

"Definitely, I went through some tough times," said Burns. "You know, people do get sick sometimes. Nobody can say that they're immune (from getting sick).

"I feel fine now. I've had some great treatments. I've had some great doctors that were following me."
If it turns out that Burns was rushed back and isn't really 100 percent just yet, it'll just be the latest reason for us to blame Canada.

[Canadien Press]

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