Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In Time for Holiday Season, Otto to Open His Heart. Literally.

Jim Otto, the former Raiders' center, and one of football's greatest palindromes, is in good spirits despite a multitude of health problems.

He had his right leg amputated above the knee July 19 at a Salt Lake City hospital. Then, with wife Sally at his bedside, he endured several weeks of excruciating pain and follow-up surgical procedures needed to avoid the spread of potentially fatal infection...

Early next year, Otto said he will have open-heart surgery for a condition related to ongoing health issues. The surgery will be performed at UC Davis Medical Center, where he has been both a prostate cancer patient and a major fund-raiser for prostate cancer research.

I guess this means we should expect to see Raider fans flocking to UC Davis Medical Center chanting, "You can do it Otto! You can do it Otto! Help each other out! That'll be our motto!"

[Sacramento Bee]

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