Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Password(of-the-year) is "Sterbetourismus"

Good news! Switzerland has a new word of the year. It's... it's... sterbetourismus!

What does it mean, you ask? Don't feel bad, my original guesses were all wrong too. It is not any of the following:

  1. The substance with which Barry Bonds injects himself in the ass
  2. The next installment in "hilarious" Dane Cook TV shows
  3. The sister of Abi Titmuss
  4. Another Costanza invented variation of Christmas
What is sterbetourismus then? It can be loosely talented as "death tourism," and it's on the rise in Switzerland. You see, on the issue of assisted suicide, Switzerland is uncharacteristically not neutral:
Most Swiss support assisted suicide – in which the terminally ill have to carry out the final act themselves – but they are divided over whether the laws should apply to foreigners... The global spotlight had only turned to Switzerland's liberal laws on assisted suicide when the number of foreign "patients" increased.
To recap - the top word: Death Tourism; the top death tourist destination: Switzerland.

I don't know, to me - that is an upset. Had I guessed the top destination for dying people, I would have gone with "the ground."

[Swiss Info]

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