Sunday, March 2, 2008

Carl Pohlad and His Twins Insist No Signs of Change

Now at 92, Carl Pohlad has run the Minnesota Twins for 24 years. Pohlad's son, Jim, spoke this weekend about his father's health.
He said his dad doesn't have much energy these days, but that he remains in good health. "I wouldn't say everything is exactly the same, but he's still very involved,'' Jim Pohlad said.

Twins executive Jerry Bell, who joined Jim Pohlad for the 50-minute session, chimed in with his endorsement of Carl Pohlad's health: "I had lunch with him today. He's fine.''
The Twins' organization denies that the team is embarking on a rebuilding year. At the top of the chain of command, all signs indicate that Pohlad is still poised to compete.


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