Monday, March 3, 2008

The Sun Sets on Paul Raymond's Strip

Multimillionaire porn baron Paul Raymond, once dubbed the ’King of Soho,' has died aged 82.

Restaurateur Mark Fuller, a family friend and joint owner of Embassy Restaurant and Members Club, confirmed the death and paid tribute to Raymond. He said: “He was a great mentor for me. He was always there to help me. He has been a close family friend for a very long time and he will be sadly missed.

He was an icon of Britain and he is proof that you can come from nothing and do something with your life. I’d rather not comment on how he died, but he was getting on a bit and had spent time in hospital."
Raymond opened the Raymond Revuebar strip club in Soho, the only club at the time that offered live striptease shows. He also published several magazines. And in his latest years, Raymond became a successful property magnate. We gather that Community Chest was under his management.


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