Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eliot Spitzer Not the Only John at Home with a Wooden

Previously on "John Wooden is Still Alive" -

In Part 1 of A Very Special "John Wooden is Still Alive" (JWISA), we brought you news of his fall...

[Cut to scene] I'm John Wooden and my collarbone hurts!

Then in Part 2 of A Very Special JWISA, the breaks that had shattered Wooden were beginning to heal, when...
[Cut to scene] I'm John Wooden and my heart hurts!

Without further ado, we are proud to bring you the third installment of this heart wrenching series. And now for Part 3, the conclusion of A Very Special JWISA...The Homecoming!

John Wooden, who was on the bubble about where he would be after his hospital season ended, was selected to move on to a rehabilitation center. This year, Wooden, despite many challenges has kept his 97 year living streak active:
"Dad had one of his better days today," his son, Jim Wooden, said in a statement. "He will do exercises two to three times daily. As soon as his strength is back, we will get him home." Wooden said his father wanted to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and the many get-well cards he has received.
No word yet on whether blogs count as "get-well cards" or whether BestDeathPoolEver can be categorized as kind thoughts. We hope so.

Next Week on "John Wooden is Still Alive," with special guest star Britney Spears...
[Cut to Scene] Ohmygod, ya'll... John Wooden is Still Alive!

Compelling and rich.


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