Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Way to Abby Mann’s Heart Failure

…is through his heart, not his stomach. But still leads to death.

Best Death Pool Ever’s most recent points death was Richard Widmark, who won acclaim in one of his most famous roles in “The Judgment at Nuremberg.” Today, the man who wrote that screenplay has died.

Abby Mann, who won multiple Emmys and a script writing Oscar for "Judgment at Nuremberg," died of heart failure in Beverly Hills at the age of 84.

Mann also believed in a higher purpose to writing, and often focused his work on themes of justice and equality. He once remarked:
"A writer worth his salt at all has an obligation not only to entertain but to comment on the world in which he lives.”
And that’s just salt-worthy writers. Imagine pepper-writers… what about some Cajun seasoning kind of writer? We here at best death pool ever like to fancy ourselves worth our paprika, but feel free to spice this point up in the comments.


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