Wednesday, March 5, 2008

John Not Yet Wooden; The Beat Goes On

It wasn't so long ago that John Wooden led the UCLA Bruins to seven championships in a row. He did it with determination, fundamentals, and Bill Walton. But mostly, he did it with heart. Heart is still the key to his success, and six days after a fall at home, his doctors have altered his medication in response to an irregular heartbeat.

How is the 97 year old coach doing?

"Dad looks better today than he did yesterday and he isn't as drowsy from his pain medication," (Nan Muehlhausen, Wooden's daughter) said in a statement. "His appetite is better today and he was up and around for about an hour and a half."
Wooden's teams once had an 88-game winning streak, and he is currently in the midst of a 97 year life streak. This change in medication proves once again that great coaches make the adjustments necessary to continue for success.


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