Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Viral Crisis

First there was the Melissa virus, then the I Love You virus, now – it is Castro himself who is infiltrating the United States’ computers, assumedly – via raft. An email is circulating claiming to contain a news video from a “major Hispanic TV network” showing a grieving Hugo Chavez alongside el Presidente’s, Fidel Castro’s, coffin.

According to the Websense security blog, the enticing message is as follows:

"This morning, inside his residence in Languito, the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro died. Video of Hugo Chavez (Venezuela's President) crying next to his casket. Image of Fidel Castro inside a casket. Here are exclusive Images and Video. According to official news, Cuban dictator Castro had been in critical condition for the past few days and suffered an unexpected heart attack."
Of course, if this was real news, you would have seen it right here. The lesson, as always: Don’t take candy from strangers; Don’t take death news from email. Buy your candy from a certified candy shop; Get your death news from bestdeathpoolever.blogspot.com.

Apparently, this whole charade is nothing more than an attack from a malware site in Korea. This comes after we gave them the New York Philharmonic. Jeez, if it’s not nuclear, it’s viral.

Remember trust bestdeathpoolever.blogspot.com for your death news, or the terrorists win…

[SC Magazine]

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