Saturday, March 1, 2008

John Takes a Spill on the Hard-Wooden Floor

Each fall, college basketball coaches evaluate their team's talent in preparation for the upcoming season. Each fall, ex-college basketball coaches must evaluate their health in preparation for the rest of their lives.

John Wooden remained hospitalized in good condition Saturday, having undergone blood transfusions after the 97-year-old UCLA coaching great broke two bones when he fell at home. Wooden broke his left wrist and collarbone Thursday night. His wrist was in a cast Saturday and his arm will need to be in a sling when he leaves the hospital, his daughter said.

"Dad has had a couple of blood transfusions because the doctors found he was anemic, but the transfusions will take care of that and Dad will be fine," daughter Nan Muehlhausen said in a statement. "We expect him to make a full recovery."
Through it all, Wooden remained in good spirits. This is surprising to us since we know that truly great teams never fall at home.


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