Thursday, March 13, 2008

Russell Watson's Voice Tells Him to Go On

Russell Watson has revealed he will go on tour just months after fears he would die from a brain tumour. The opera singer was told he might never perform again after an operation in October to remove the growth was followed by intensive radiology.

But a source close to the dad-of-two, 41, said: "It's something Russell really wants to do - to prove to himself as well as his fans he is back to his best.

"It doesn't seem long since his operation but he feels he is ready.

"Russell has at least a day off between the dates so it won't exert him too much."
This tour may not bode well for the Sagittarius. His opposite sign is Gemini, and Watson's tour kicks off during the June Gemini season. We can only hope that Watson can prove once again that he is a Gemini in the rough.

[Daily Mirror]

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