Thursday, March 6, 2008

Panel Requests Common Kurd-esy for Abdullah Ocalan

We would imagine that nine years of confinement could do some crazy things to a man. Man, could he turn crazy.

The anti-torture committee of the Council of Europe said in a report Thursday that Kurdish rebel chief Abdullah Ocalan, in solitary confinement in Turkey for almost nine years, should be allowed human contact or else his mental state will deteriorate further. The report released in Strasbourg said that a psychiatric examination of the 59-year-old showed a distinct deterioration of his mental state since visits in 2001 and 2003.

"This deterioration is connected with a situation of chronic stress and prolonged social and emotional isolation, coupled with a feeling of abandonment and disappointment," according to the report. Ocalan should be allowed regular contact with relatives, the report said, adding that he is in physically good condition.
Seeing relatives might put Ocalan in a better mood. His relatives are looking out for him during this troubled time.

[Earth Times]

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