Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chad Kroeger's Card Has Been Punched, Hanging On for Dear Life

We have our first piece of news relevant to Death Pool 2015. While we don't know if everything will be Lost then, we understand that musician Chad Kroeger thinks he will be.
Chad Kroeger of Nickelback already knows how he'll celebrate his 40th birthday: he'll be in a coffin. Kroeger tells Playboy he had a dream that he will die on his 40th birthday.

He says, "It's been foretold. I will be dead on my 40th birthday."
Might we suggest he give this place a call in advance?

If Kroeger has to go on listening to his music day in and out for the next seven years, we suspect he may die even sooner than that. Not because it's loud and could kill him. Rather, he may wind up killing himself because it's so unbearably bad.


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