Monday, March 17, 2008

No Soup For Ayman Nour!

From the time of the ancient Hebrews, there is a long history of persecuted people wanting out of Egypt. Ayman Nour is the latest in that line. Nour is in Egyptian prison, in what is widely believed to be a political maneuver by President Mubarak. In reaction, Nour has gone on a hunger strike.

Cool. Very Temple of The Dog of him.

The problem is that he is a diabetic, and not eating might kill him. He needs sugar. More Sugar. So should the Egyptian governement let him cross to the hospital so he doesn't drown in the Dead Sea?

Nope, said the Supreme Administrative Court in Cairo today. Nour will stay in prison, and for his sake, he better abandon the eating habits of Paris Hilton.

I only wish Cameron and Ferris were running the protests. I could really go for a "When Ayman was in Egypt's land...Let my Ayman Go!"


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