Thursday, February 7, 2008

Abdullah Ocalan is Like a Cat

He has fur, a tail, claws, hairballs, and always lands on his feet. And if Garfield is right, he loves lasagna.

But mostly, he seems to have nine lives. Abdullah Ocalan (looking at that picture... can we dub him "Fat Saddam"? Too Soon?) is the founder and leader of the Kurdistan Worker's party (PKK), which is listed as a terrorist organization by governing bodies such as the USA, EU, and NATO. He was captured, arrested, and sentenced to death in 1999, but his sentence was transformed to life in prison when the death penalty was abolished in Turkey, in 2002.

So what to do with this imprisoned terrorist?

Lawmaker Emine Ayla called for an improvement in the "living and health conditions" of Abdullah Ocalan, the founder of the PKK who is serving a life sentence on an island prison... Ocalan's welfare is a chief concern for lawmakers from the Democratic Society Party, reflecting the sway that the imprisoned leader holds over many Kurds.
Worry for his welfare. Food. Health. No Torture. I wonder if they can still waterboard him?

[Kurdish Aspect]

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