Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hunter S. Thompson's Feet and Clothing in Las Vegas

Has Hunter S. Thompson joined the shoe-selling ranks of Christina Aguilera?...And is that okay?

Converse sneakers are joining the rich tradition of using dead celebrities in advertisements, with Hunter S. Thompson's image appearing in their latest marketing efforts.
To be fair, this is not random selection. The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars were an integral part of Thompson's iconic look:

"Since he bought his first pair in the early 1960s in San Francisco he has worn them every day of his life," the author's widow Anita Thompson tells Radar. "There are still over 70 pairs of them at the house."
But it's not that simple. Some Bloggers, like Gawker, have had it up to as high as they can raise their hand with it, and are saying so in collected, measured tones:
Whenever the dead stop messing around in the afterlife and come back to earth in zombie form, they won't be happy about this. Zombie Gonzo (Thompson) will be dining on the bursting brains of the young cool creative minds that dreamed up his ad appearances. And we should all want a bite.
It's Thompson's estate who is getting a bite now. One of many enjoying the spoils of money pie.

By the way - yes, I would have taken any excuse to run that Christina photo....Let's just hope Converse doesn't follow Skechers photo marketing campaign...I can't imagine "possibly-naughtier-than-you-think school girl" being a good look for him.


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