Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If Joe Paterno is Still a Lion, What Makes John McCain Prey?

Is John McCain too much of a potential Death Pool pick to be elected president? It's a question to which we have already covered the thoughts of Nobel Prize winning theoretical mathematician Chuck Norris. (We know, we know... Chuck Norris doesn't get awarded Nobel Prizes; Nobel Prizes get awarded Chuck Norrises.)

But now a new theory has come to light. In a Lancaster County News article entitled "Is McCain too old? Most seniors taking morning walks today agree: nope," 76 year old East Hempfield Township resident Herb McCollom disagrees with Walker, Texas Ranger:

McCollom said people often question the vigor of older people, adding, "The same thing has happened to Joe Paterno."
He is not wrong. if Joe Pa, can do it, McCain can. To take the McCollom Theory to its logical end, a McCain presidency of 8 years, would give us 4 years here we lose battle after battle, and are derided, but a few years where we are above average, and one great year. Oh, and McCain will need some really thick glasses.

You know...the country 8 years from now would have been better off if McCollom had just compared McCain to Jack Nicholson. I would have at least likes a look at McCain's Bucket List.

By the way, no- the article does not say what seniors who are not taking morning walks today believe about this issue.

[Lancaster County News]


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