Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pete Doherty's Day Off

Pete Doherty skipped the NME Awards at which he was supposed to perform. Why? Because he was "sick," says the Daily Mirror. According to the Mirror, Doherty, The Babyshambles lead singer, and ex-boyfriend of Kate Moss, got his mom Jacqueline to phone in his excuse for him. The real reason?

But show sources say the real reason Pete pulled out was because he didn't want to be kicked out of his central London rehab clinic for breaking his 10pm curfew.
I don't know. This all sounds too familiar to me... Doherty has been absent from shows NINE TIMES. We wonder if he is just using this excuse to spend the day traveling around Chicago, posing as sausage kings, catching foul balls at Wrigley, and singing "Twist and Shout" in parades. If anyone hunts down an mp3 of The Babyshambles covering the Isley Brothers, let us know...

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