Monday, February 11, 2008

Tom Lantos' Impending Retirement Derailed by Cancer

Tom Lantos, the only Holocuast survivor to ever serve in the United States Congress, died this morning of cancer at the age of 80. Lantos may be better known to people in Death Pool 2008 as the grandfather of Charity Sunshine.

Lantos was frequently described as having an aristocratic, Old World bearing, but he was also known for scolding those he felt did not measure up ethically. He targeted independent counsel Donald C. Smaltz, who investigated President Bill Clinton's fundraising practices, for being a registered Republican and likened Smaltz to Kurt Waldheim (ed. a pick in Death Pool 2007), the former U.N. secretary general who "conveniently forgot several years when he was a Nazi."
I don't think you can compare an independent investigator to the Nazis. But I guess if I can compare the Yankees to the Nazis, he can do whatever he wants.

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