Friday, February 15, 2008

Sir Bobby Robson's Goal is to Kick Cancer

Sir Bobby Robson, former soccer player and manager, has kicked cancer four times since 1991. Despite the score being Robson 4 and Cancer 0, the illness returned for a fifth time.

“There is still some fight in me yet,” said Robson, who is currently being treated for cancer for the fifth time. “I’m still going and I’m still strong. I’ve had my health problems and I’m still fighting them, but I’ve always been a fighter."

Robson’s health is fragile and the treatment for his condition saps his strength, but the mind remains sharp whenever football is mentioned. Enquire about his health and all you get is “I’m doing okay.” Enquire about his thoughts on football and he will talk for hours, particularly about his beloved Newcastle.
It looks like he's still managing just fine.

[The Journal]

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