Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Will We Always Have Shimon Peres?

Israel's normally indefatigable 84-year-old president, Shimon Peres, was resting Wednesday at the order of his doctor after being diagnosed with a light case of the flu, officials said.

Peres, who became president in July, canceled events Tuesday and Wednesday, but hoped to deliver a speech to a conference of American Jewish leaders at his Jerusalem residence later in the day, said his spokeswoman Ayelet Frisch. A statement from her office said the meeting would be in a "reduced" format, closed to reporters.

"This is a man who doesn't like to rest even when he is sick," Frisch said.
Perhaps the politician was fearful of what he'd heard in recent years about the country' flu vaccine. This is evidently a case of one flu over the cuckoo's Knesset

[International Herald Tribune]

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