Sunday, February 10, 2008

Old Metal Van Johnson Still Chugging Along

Been wondering why you haven't heard about Van Johnson lately? Someone wrote in to the Belleville News-Democrat to find out what's going on in the actor's life.

Q. Is actor Van Johnson still alive? If so, where is he living? How about his wife and children?--T.G. of St. Libory

A. Despite a near-fatal car wreck 65 years ago, Charles Van Johnson continues to roll along at 91 as he lives a quiet life in Nyack, N.Y. That auto accident came just as Johnson had signed a seven-year contract with MGM and left him with a metal plate in his head.

Johnson was nursed back to health at the home of Keenan Wynn and his wife, Eve. Five years later, in 1947, Johnson married Eve on the very day that her divorce with Keenan was finalized.
Johnson also beat skin cancer in 1963. We're confident that whenever it's Van's time to go, there will be appropriate coverage.

[Belleville News-Democrat]

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