Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Entebbe Commander Dan Shomron Reaches his End-ebbe

Former Israeli military chief, Dan Shomron died yesterday at the age of 70, from the effects of a stroke. Shomron achieved renown for commanding the famed 1976 hostage rescue at Entebbe airport in Uganda. And if you believe my favorite of the movies, starring Shomron himself and TWO former Israeli prime ministers, he did it with valor, he did it in slow motion, and he did it with a great musical score. (This is, of course, not "Victory at Entebbe," which starred the immortal Charles Bronson as Dan Shomron. The picture to the right also stars Charles Bronson as Dan Shomron. Nice stache, Charles. He looks like a young Charles Bronson.)

If you choose not to believe the movie, then believe Ehud Olmert:

"Dan Shomron was a brave-hearted warrior who left his stamp on the fighting spirit of the Israeli army, with some of the most daring operations in its history. His death is a loss to the whole of Israeli society"
It would have taken a daring mission by Dan Shomron to rescue Dan Shomron from his hospital stay.


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