Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blake Fielder-Civil Seeking New Ways to Overdose

You might think that prison is the safest place for Blake Fielder-Civil to be. He won't find any drugs there that could hurt him, right? Well, it's right in some sense.

[H]e collapsed in agony after taking what he thought was heroin. Guards found the 35-year-old writhing in pain and vomiting violently in a cell. They instantly set off alarms and activated emergency procedures to save his life.

A probe was launched and prison officers found he had taken a drug believed to be heroin, mixed with a toxic substance. A jail source said: "This was a close call, but he might not be so lucky next time. If he carries on taking so many drugs, he'll end up dead before long."
Authorities have not revealed what that substance actually was. We have some idea of an explanation.


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Anonymous said...

Why wont he die??? Sooo close!