Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Russell Watson's Not Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

Russel Watson, the British opera singer whose tomour returned in October, causing him to undergo immediate therapy, has successfully completed his intensive medical procedures. Now a series of tests will determine if the procedures were successful. Watson, for his part, is cautiously optimistic:

The 41-year-old said the intensive treatment was "no walk in the park..." Writing in his blog, the star said the side effects had caught up with him, but his hair was "hanging in there".
What about the question on everyone's mind: Can he return to his status as "The Voice?"
His manager Giles Baxendale said Watson's eyesight and voice did not appear to have been damaged by the radiotherapy as feared... "We're hoping at some point he will return to doing what he loves to do," Mr Baxendale said.
With any luck, this story may go from needing a basso profundo to a basso buffo in no time.


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