Thursday, February 28, 2008

Elizabeth Taylor Turns Down Dialysis M for Murder

Yesterday, as mentioned, was Elizabeth Taylor's birthday. How did she celebrate, you may ask?

Silver screen legend Elizabeth Taylor is reportedly battling a new health complaint that is shutting her internal organs down. The ailing 76-year-old actress' latest medical crisis was brought on by the painkillers she has taken for years to combat chronic back and hip pain.

Sources tell the National Enquirer the drugs have caused irreversible damage to her liver and kidneys - but Taylor is refusing to go on dialysis that will prolong her life. An insider tells the publication, "Her body is starting to shut down, and she's adamant about not resorting to life support. Liz does not want to continue living if it means being connected to machines. Liz said she has no intention of going on dialysis - let alone consider organ transplants."
Although we remain skeptical about the source cited here, it fits with our belief that Taylor has taken a turn for the worse in recent months. During her life, she has broken her spine in five different points, had both hips replaced, gotten skin cancer, almost died from pneumonia twice, and survived a brain tumor.

Not to mention seven different husbands. She just doesn't want her last role to be in Married to a Machine Too.


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