Monday, February 25, 2008

A Farrakhan Do Attitude has Louis Eyeing the Future

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan called Barack Obama the "hope of the entire world." Those are some big words to use. Farrakhan, once fearful that prostate cancer would take his life, is focused on a future with him in it.

But over the last year, Farrakhan has been regaining strength and slowly increasing his public appearances, giving lectures at the Nation's Mosque Maryam on Chicago's South Side, speaking in churches about unity and granting occasional interviews.

On Sunday, he appeared healthy and joked he's "a little on the pudgy side" at a robust 192 pounds. "People are wondering: 'Is he sick? How's he doing?"' he said. "I'm doing fine."
As recently as January, there were rumors circulating that Farrakhan was nearing death. One of the fundamental beliefs of the Nation of Islam is belief in the "mental" resurrection of the dead -- not in physical resurrection but mental resurrection. We suppose then that physical resurrections are left to ailing leaders in this world.


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