Saturday, February 9, 2008

Phyllis A. Whitney Exercises Her Write to Die

Scoring Update! The points change, death remains the same...

Phyllis A. Whitney, a prolific best-selling author of romantic mysteries, young-adult novels and children’s mysteries for more than a half-century, died on Friday in Faber, Va. She was 104.

In 1988 Ms. Whitney received the prestigious Grand Master Award for lifetime achievement from the Mystery Writers of America.

“I always told myself that when I get old I’ll reread all my books, but I never seem to get old,” Ms. Whitney said in an interview with The Times when she was 79.
Congratulations and 9 points awarded to Haaaave You Met Dead?, Blue, The Kick the Bucket List, and Whoaa-ooah, Dying on the Edge. The Rosters and Standings have been updated.

[New York Times]

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