Sunday, February 10, 2008

Roy Scheider Can't Escape the Jaws of Death

Scoring Update! The points change, death remains the same...

Roy Scheider, a stage actor with a background in the classics who became one of the leading figures in the American film renaissance of the 1970s, died on Sunday afternoon in Little Rock, Ark. He was 75.

Mr. Scheider’s rangy figure, gaunt face and emotional openness made him particularly appealing in everyman roles, most famously as the agonized police chief of “Jaws,” Steven Spielberg’s 1975 breakthrough hit, about a New England resort town haunted by the knowledge that a killer shark is preying on the local beaches.
Congratulations and 24 points awarded to Haaaave You Met Dead? The Rosters and Standings have been updated.

[New York Times]

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