Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Generally Speaking, Dementia Paves Its Shwe

You might know Than Shwe by his other name: Dying.

Than Shwe's health is rapidly worsening, according to diplomats, who have seen him recently. "He may be getting Alzheimer's – he periodically forgets things; he recently asked where several officers were, all of whom were sacked last year during the mass retirements of middle ranking officers," according to a government source.

"He's rapidly going senile, and now has increasing heart problems," according to another government source. He already suffers from chronic diabetes and has regular bouts of hypertension. Several years ago he also suffered a mild stroke. Now with heart coronary problems and dementia, he is becoming increasingly incapacitated.
Burma faces all kinds of troubles in the wake of their leader's health deterioration. There's change in the air, mostly for the worse.
"Nothing is happening at all, everyone is waiting for Than Shwe to die," according to a senior Asian government minister.
During these difficult times, Shwe remains focused on fighting back against a revolution led by one of his comrades. Life has gone on as usual despite the probability that Shwe won't hang on much longer.

And to make matters worse:
[M]any Burmese astrologers are predicting black times for the senior general. The solar eclipse later this week is seen as a bad omen for Than Shwe's health and family fortunes. While the wily old general has survived previous astrological predictions of doom, his grip on power is being increasingly weakened by ill-health and inertia.
Shwe celebrated his 75th birthday this past weekend. Based on the "predictions" we've seen, we think that 2008 might be could be may possibly be the year of the Dying of the Age of Aquarius.


[Mizzima News]

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