Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Arts and (Old) Farts and Doody Darts

This man will not be participating in the Hawaiian caucuses today.

Nor will today's birthday boy (I think), but that can mainly be attributed to the fact he doesn't live in Hawaii, not because of car accidents involving horses.

Today is somebody's Birthday! Whose Birthday? Painter and Sculptor Enrico Donati's Birthday. How Old Is He? 1,2,3,4... 99! And Never been Kissed By... Death

Enrico Donati's name appears on "Oldies But Goodies'" roster

  • In the late 1940s Donati responded to the crisis in Surrealism by going through a Constructivist phase, from which he developed a calligraphic style and drew on to melted tar, or diluted paint with turpentine.
If anyone can explain this to me they are a lot smarter than I am.

... And Many More!

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