Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Not the Type of Radio Play He'd Hoped for

From the basso profundo tone - the most serious of the bass voices - of his doctors, opera singer Russell Watson knew that he was in for a long journey back to health. He underwent surgery for a brain tumor in October, his second operation on the tumor in 12 months. It's a tumor he once beat successfully in 2006 that's now returned for a second act.

Watson runs the risk of damaging his eyesight with the gruelling course of radiotherapy he has started to eradicate a recurrent brain tumour, his manager said. The 41-year-old singer will undergo five days of radiotherapy every week for the next five weeks.

Mr Watson, who is known as The Voice, told reporters: "My throat feels OK. I feel a little bit tired. "It takes a while to get your energy and stamina levels up again. It's been a strange new year, 2008, in for my radiotherapy on January 2." The Salford-born singer released a statement on his website before Christmas which said: "This year is going to be such a big celebration with my daughters, who are my strength and inspiration in everything I do."
While Watson's spirits appear to not need to be raised, other opera spirits, namely the phantom, sit and wait as the tension builds with the drama.

[Daventry Express]

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