Monday, January 14, 2008

Andy Rooney Has A Few More Moments in Him

Here is a birthday for you, so you can forget about the medical student who was stabbed to death at a grocer’s in South London in a dispute over a stolen orange. The medical student's name? Aladdin. And he only steals what he can't afford. Apparently, all that "One step ahead of the bread line" talk was a little premature.

Today is somebody's birthday! Whose Birthday? Journalist Andy Rooney's Birthday. How Old Is He? 1,2,3,4... 89! And Never been Kissed By... Death

Andy Rooney's name appears on The Quit Parade's Roster

  • Rooney is an Emmy Award winning writer, but he is perhaps best known for "A Few Moments with Andy Rooney," a segment on the CBS news show "60 Minutes."
For Rooney's thoughts on umbrellas, click here. For Rihanna's thoughts on umbrella-ella-ella-ellas, click here.

... And Many More!

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NoPeanutz said...

Rooney is also a longtime season ticket holder for the New York Football Giants (he sits upstairs). My brother sat next to him once on the stripper bus that runs from Port Authority to the Stadium, and they shared a flask together.