Sunday, January 27, 2008

Viktor Schreckengost, Influence on American Life, Dies

Scoring Update! The points change, death remains the same...

Viktor Schreckengost, a Clevelander who ranked as one of the leading industrial designers of the 20th century, died Saturday night at age 101.

Nowacek said his father-in-law had suffered from congestion. But added: "I'd say (he died) more of being 101 of anything else.

"We've been reaching out to personal connections and the predominant sense is yes, sadness," Nowacek said. "But the feeling that has been expressed most often is an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the influence and guidance and his example... . That's very, very present people."
Congratulations and 24 points awarded to Oldies But Goodies. The Rosters and Standings have been updated.

[Cleveland Plain Dealer]

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