Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fame'es Ames Now in a Box

Joe Ames, member of the 1950s hit singing group the Ames Brothers, died today at the age of 86. Before all those kids with their music and their banging started playing that "rock and roll," Joe, along with Ed, Gene and Vic were one of the most popular musical groups of the day.

A singer with more than a three-octave range, he loved opera and at one point was offered a spot with the Metropolitan Opera's touring company. However, Ames' mother wanted him to sing with his siblings. "Coming from a large family of no real means, his mom thought, 'please stay with your brothers,"' Ames' daughter said. "Because if they made it, that was four kids out of the ghetto."
I mistakenly thought he may have gone on to play another kid out of the ghetto, but it turns out Buddy Lembeck was portrayed by Willie Aames.

[Hollywood Reporter]

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