Friday, January 11, 2008

Suharto's Heart Hardly Hanging On

Suharto, who ruled Indonesia with iron fist strength for 32 years, and was forced from power in 1998, is once again being forced out. Of life, this time. His family has rushed to his bedside, as he has suffered multiple organ failures of the heart, kidney, lung, and brain. He has also lost consciousness:

"At 5:00pm (1000 GMT), he entered a critical condition, he lost consciousness due to multiple organ failure," one of his doctors, Marjo Soebiandono, told a press briefing. "We put him on a ventilator (for respiratory assistance) and gave him medication to overcome this critical condition. Until now we're still doing a maximum effort... We ask Indonesian people to pray for him," he said.
His legacy remains hotly debated and contested both in Indonesia and abroad. The legacy of his organs seem to be: failure.


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