Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wooden Focused on Personal Health and Wellness Coaching

Former coach John Wooden still remarkably attends UCLA's games. He's aided by a cane and his daughter to maintain his stability. But the attention the coach gets from the crowd is affecting him.

UCLA is asking fans to leave former coach John Wooden alone during home basketball games. The 97-year-old coach is a popular draw at his seat behind the Bruins' bench, with people forming a line to get his autograph any time he shows up.

The "no autographs" request was announced Wednesday by UCLA at the request of Wooden's family. "It all wears on him," UCLA spokesman Marc Dellins said. "He just wants to be able to come and enjoy the games."
In accordance with one of the rules listed in the DP literature, it would be unlawful for any DP participant to attend a game and to harass Wooden. If we can prove that this autograph request ultimately led to Wooden's eventual death, all of that participant's points for the entire year would be declared invalid.

"Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive"--John Wooden.


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