Monday, January 7, 2008

Pervez's Situation Getting Musha-Rough

"Can Musharraf survive turmoil from Bhutto death?" Newsday's words, not ours. Do they mean politically? Do they mean physically? There's no way to know. I think it is fair to assume that he is in physical danger from this whole Bhutto Bomb.

How so, you ask?

Good question. We have to learn lessons from death pool past....

  1. Deathpool 44: Roman Leader Julius Caesar does not beware ides or daggers and is killed by his advisors. VI points to "All Hell Caesar" and "Rome wasn't Killed in a Day" The trend: Et tu Brute; things get brutal at the top.
  2. Deathpool 1793: Louis XVI is executed ending absolute monarchy in France. 14 points to "Let Them Eat Dead" for the solo shot. The trend: Don't Listen to Mel Brooks; It's not always good to be the king.
  3. Deathpool 1968: Robert Kennedy is assassinated only two months after Martin Luther King is assassinated. 4.12 points each to "Plain Wood-stock Coffin," "Dead Kennedys," and "Are you trying to Se-dead me, Mrs. Robinson?" The trend: Assassination Proliferation; Assassination anywhere is a threat to life everywhere.
  4. Deathpool 2006: Ariel Sharon has a massive stroke placing him in a coma that he is still in today. No points to "Milk was a Bad Choice" or "Club Dead", The trend: The "Fat Bastard" Rule; I eat cause I am stressed, and I'm stressed cause I eat.
Musharraf has a lot to be concerned about... I just hope that the president of Pakistan reads this blog on a regular basis.

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Student of The Game said...

The description part of this blog notes that "For 400 years, man has attempted to foresee the passing of celebrities." With this new information about DP 44, could we re-launch an investigation into just how far back DP goes?