Friday, January 11, 2008

Christopher Bowman, Showman, Omen, Lowman, Man Oh Man

Here at BDPE we're no strangers to the dangers of figure skating. We aren't shocked when some skaters fall to the pressures of competition and turn to vices as an escape. The only thing we think would be tougher than being a figure skating champion would be to also be a former child actor. Apparently Christopher Bowman needed a lift.

Former U.S. figure skating champion and Olympian Christopher Bowman died of a "possible overdose," according to a statement from the Los Angeles County Coroner. He was 40.

"He just passed away in his sleep," Bowman's mother, Joyce, told the Detroit Free Press, which first reported details of his death, according to The Associated Press. "His friend told me that he was fine. He just went to bed and didn't wake up."

Bowman was also a former child actor and played a part in the TV series "Little House on the Prairie." Bowman battled drug problems and underwent treatment at least twice, according to AP -- once before the 1988 Olympics and then again after the Albertville Games in 1992.
We have to wonder if someone had noticed in recent years that Bowman was skating on some very thin ice. At times like these, we're reminded of lyrics from the OPM song "Heaven is a Halfpipe":

If I die before I wake/at least in heaven I can skate.



Anonymous said...

If you'd like more information about Christopher Bowman and the events that led to his passing, you will find it at the blog.

Bipolar - Christopher's Private Pain

You find truthful information and links to other discussions where Christopher's life in the spotlight, the abuse he endured and his mental illness all played a part in whom he was and how his life ended.

It wasn't the mere rise and fall from success that contributed to Christopher's struggle with life.

Anonymous said...

Here is another great place to find out about the last year of Christopher Bowmans tragic death and the events leading up to it, along with all the messy details.

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