Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fidel Castro is the Brett Favre of Foreign Rulers

There are many reasons for this:

  1. They both attended Universities - Brett to "of Mississippi." Fidel to "of Havana."
  2. They both potentially throw missiles - Brett with his right arm. Fidel in the midst of a Cuban crisis.
  3. Brett lives in Green Bay. Fidel has been converting Cuban agriculture towards greener methods of organic farming.
  4. Ben Stiller has trouble pronouncing both names in their native tongues
But there is one overriding reason: Like Favre, Fidel Castro thought he was ready to call it quits in 2006. In a newly crafted letter that appeared on the front page of state newspapers, Fidel Castro says:
"When I fell gravely ill the night of the 26th and dawn of the 27th of July, I thought that would be the end... And while the doctors fought for my life, the head aide of the Council of State read at my urging the text and I dictated the necessary arrangements."
Castro, of course, has not been seen in public since July 31, 2006 immediately following his intestinal surgery. He is recovering in an undisclosed location and his condition and exact ailment are carefully guarded secrets.

Brett Favre on the other hand is out there for anyone to see.

[International Herald Tribune]

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NoPeanutz said...

-Brett Favre is a 'rebel' (Ole Miss)
-Fidel yearns to facilitate 'the Revolution'

-They both wear green uniforms

-They both go to work unshaven

-Both have 'drivers' working for them