Sunday, January 13, 2008

Richard Moll - A Year Older, A Year Taller

Some good news for our Metropolis readership: New York City's 2007 death rate has dropped to the lowest death rate in the history of the city. Good news for Richard Moll: You are alive and it is your birthday. Richard Moll. If Richard moll lived in New York City, he would probably be immortal.

Today is somebody's birthday! Whose Birthday? Actor Richard Moll's Birthday. How Old Is He? 1,2,3,4... 65! And Never been Kissed By... Death

Richard Moll's name appears on 6 Feet Under's Roster

  • As Bull on "Night Court," Moll's catchphrase was the simple but effective "ohh-kay..." Lesser known is that Bull's given name is Nostradamus, so named because his mother "always loved that hunchback." Bull's mother may have mixed up Nostradamus and Quasimodo
I'm not one to criticize. Let he who has not mixed up a philosopher and a literary character cast the first stone.

... And Many More!

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