Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yo Mamo's So Old that Vic Mizzy Wrote Her Theme Song!

I assume that, somewhere, Wilmer Valderrama is awkwardly prancing. Maybe bestdeathpoolever will move on to the next round.

Bad news: You are going to die. I am sorry, we did everything we could. But, here is what I have learned: 1. Everything is a carcinogen; 2. Even if you do nothing, you may succumb to Seated Immobility Thromboembolism Syndrome (SIT). Seriously. It means that you die from sitting.
Ah, oh well. Eat birthday cake, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you may sit.

Today is somebody's birthday! Whose Birthday?The first President of Malta, Anthony Mamo's Birthday. How Old Is He? 1,2,3,4... 99! And Never been Kissed By... Death

Anthony Mamo's name appears on "Oldies but Goodies'" roster

  • Mamo is the world's oldest living former head of state
... but not the oldest living former head.

Today is somebody else's birthday! Whose Birthday? Television and Movie Composer Vic Mizzy's Birthday. How Old Is He? 1,2,3,4... 86! And Never been Kissed By... Death

Vic Mizzy's name appears on "They are Now As Cold As Ice's" roster
  • Mizzy's last IMDB credit is 1991, but since 2000 he has release 8 albums including "The Spirit is Willing," "Songs for the Jogging Crowd," and "The Night Walker."
I hope Mizzy sees the carcinogen link in this post and cuts out "The Night Walker" faster than he can jog.

... And Many More!

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