Thursday, January 31, 2008

John Demjanjuk is Lost at Plea

The charges are that he was a Nazi death camp guard. He now faces deportation to either Germany, Poland or his native Ukraine. And John Demjanjuk has a whole other set of problems to worry about, too.

Demjanjuk, 87, is generally in poor health, Ed Nishnic, his former son-in-law, said.
He was under a death sentence in 1986 until it was proven that he was not the infamous "Ivan the Terrible" from World War II. His attorney also once argued that if they deport Demjanjuk to Ukraine then Demjanjuk may be tortured there since there are those who still believe he is in fact Ivan.

The most likely scenario that will develop has all countries rejecting Demjanjuk became of his age and infamy. If that were to occur, he would become a stateless alien and would lose all Social Security benefits. But we wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see Demjanjuk land this season on the mysterious island where Lost is set.


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